Testimonials about CarCreditHero

I applied online to Car Credit Hero on Friday and was driving my new car by Monday. The guys at Car Credit Hero found me financing when no one else's could. I'm a discharged bankrupt making only $27,000 a year. The last finance company to decline my credit application told the dealership I visiting that no one would approve me. I was happy to find out that Car Credit Hero knew better. They got me driving in no time. Best of all they're only 10 mins away from my home in Cobourg.

Mitch, Cobourg

I wrote off my credit card when I was at school. I didn't even know that the bank put a collection on my credit bureau. Car Credit Hero got me approved when my own bank wouldn't even take a chance on me.

Louise, Oshawa

My name is Mark and I lost my manufacturing job 4 years ago when the plant I worked for in Belleville did a mass lay off. My wife and I had to survive on her income alone for almost a year. Because of that we had to return my auto lease to the dealership. Not only did the salesperson at the other dealership fail to mention that this would put a voluntary repossession on my credit bureau but when I came back after starting my new job, they told me that the repo on my credit bureau means I'll never get approved no matter what bank I try!

Right away the staff at Car Credit Hero told me that although my credit was damaged, I can still get financing. It only took a few days but sure enough Car Credit Hero put me into a car loan with affordable payments. The guys at Car Credit Hero are professional and really know what they are doing. They took me step by step through the process and were very understanding of my credit situation.

I'm writing this letter because I want good people like me who struggled with their credit to know that there is a place where you won't get treated like a problem customer or a dead beat. Because bad credit does happen to good people! Thank you Car Credit Hero.

Mark, Belleville

I just graduated from school and I just started my new career. The idea that banks and finance companies make decisions about my ability to get to work everyday – based on me just starting out in life is ridiculous. I was declined by every single bank I tried. One auto lender actually told me that they would approve me if I got $15,000 down and my parents to co-sign. I thought I was about lose 3 hours a day by taking the bus, Car Credit Hero got me into a decent payment and the car I wanted. No money down, no co-signors and no bus to work! Thanks guys!!!

Dave, Peterborough

Car Credit Hero got me my first car loan WITHOUT a co-signor. Every other car dealership told me that banks would never approve me without getting my parents to co-sign. Thanks Car Credit Hero.

Sarah, Ajax

The bank I’ve always used to finance my auto loans declined my credit application because they said my debt service ratio was too high. The dealer I usually buy my trucks from told me I don’t make enough money to afford the loan. When I visited Car Credit Hero they took the time to explain that my Debt Service Ratio is how the banks determine if I can afford a new loan. They also went over my expenses and my credit history with me. They got me approved at a low interest rate and had me driving the truck I wanted right away. These guys are experts and they know how to get you the financing you need!

Jeremy, Port Hope

Did the testimonials above show you how easy it is to get approved on a bad credit car loan? Do you have a unique poor credit, bankruptcy, bad credit or no credit situation not mentioned above? Check out Car Credit Hero’s About Us, FAQ or Article pages and read all about our bad credit car loan program that works hard to get you approved on your auto loan in all credit situations, even bad credit or bankruptcy.  

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