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Your Total Debt Service Ratio and Getting an Auto Loan

Maybe you’ve had this experience before? Your credit is perfect but you just got declined for an auto loan. When walking into the car dealership you were so confident that you would be approved for an auto loan, you never even considered that the loan could be declined. This is a common auto loan scenario. Read the full article

Debt is a Part of Life - Manage your Auto Loan Debt and Strengthen your Credit Career

The idea behind credit is simply to offer individuals and corporations access to funds they otherwise wouldn’t have with the condition that they will be repaid. This creation of debt is a part of day to day business and for most consumers a habitual and important part of their lives. Take your Auto Loan for instance. The auto loan you have or want is really auto debt. Read the full article

Choose your Auto Loan Payments

For the credit challenged customer, buying a new or used car can be a big step. Not only are you making a big purchase but because of you credit history you’re also counting on your auto loan to build credit or repair bad credit history. Obviously making auto loan payments on time is important to fixing your credit history but finding a used car dealer in Ontario that will also consider your capacity to afford car payments is not so easy. Read the full article

Buying a Used Car in Ontario - Securing a Used Vehicle & Auto Loan the Safe Way

If you’re buying a new car you might find yourself going from one car lot to the next, comparing identical vehicles, always looking for the best price. This is often a simple and for the most part fun process. The used car experience is often not as simple and while the experience can also be fun it’s contains vast differences in both product and service. Read the full article

Your First Car Loan – It’s Not All About Co-Signors and Down Payments

For many people buying their first car is a big step and even a rite of passage. Many remember the excitement they experienced looking for their first car and knowing that soon, they would be free to go anywhere or do anything. Read the full article

Bankruptcy and Auto Loans

Bankruptcies are becoming ever more prevalent in these increasingly trying economic times. Last year, more than 100,000 individuals filed for personal bankruptcy in Canada and this number is sure to increase this year. Read the full article

Real Bad Credit Scenarios, Real Auto Loan Solutions

Everyday Ontario residents with bad credit problems or no credit are told they can’t get approved for auto financing. Car dealerships all over Ontario mistakenly tell good people with bad credit that their auto loan application is declined. Read the full article

The Consumer Proposal - A bankruptcy Alternative that doesn’t mean you can finance an Auto Loan.

A consumer proposal is a negotiated settlement between an individual and their creditors. It acts as an alternative to bankruptcy allowing the consumer to pay back a portion of their debt, while offering the creditors a chance to get back more money than a bankruptcy would allow.  A consumer proposal is similar to debt consolidation, in that it can convert multiple loans into one monthly payment. It still however has many parallels with a bankruptcy. Read the full article

Struggling with Credit after a Divorce and Getting Approved on an Auto Loan

It’s unfortunate that so many marriages end in divorce these days and it’s especially distressing to see that number is on the rise. Divorce is never a good situation and can be damaging on both on a personal and financial level.  It’s never a good topic to discuss but because of its impact on your life, it’s important that you take the time to reorganize yourself and understand your new post-divorce credit situation. Read the full article

Credit Card Write off or High Credit Card Balance –R9 and Slow Credit Auto Loans Approved

At first getting a credit card is easy, especially right after you turn 18 years old. Whether it was in your mail box, at a mall kiosk or in the halls of your college or university, there always seemed to be a credit card company willing to offer you your first credit card. Unfortunately, this generosity can end rather abruptly. Read the full article

Car Loan Repossession – Get Auto Loan Approved EVEN After a Repo

Repossessing a car is always a last resort for an auto lender and in most situations the last resort for the borrower too. Almost every time a bank, a leasing company or auto finance institution has to repo a vehicle they end up taking a financial loss. Read the full article

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