Real Bad Credit Scenarios, Real Auto Loan Solutions

Everyday Ontario residents with bad credit problems or no credit are told they can’t get approved for auto financing. Car dealerships all over Ontario mistakenly tell good people with bad credit that their auto loan application is declined.

WRONG - Those declined auto loans can be approved!

It’s true! - In Ontario, you can be approved for an auto loan no matter how bad your credit is.

DID YOU KNOW that Car Credit Hero can get you approved on a used car loan or new vehicle auto loan, no matter what your credit situation?

Car Credit Hero - The Auto Loan Expert Sworn to Correct your Credit is located in Port Hope Ontario, placing it central to the Oshawa, Peterborough, Trenton & Belleville regions. Their friendly staff works closely with every customer on an individual basis, with a goal to meet their individual credit and auto loan needs. By working directly with experienced special finance companies and constantly upgrading their credit education, the staff at Car Credit Hero is able to get any bad credit car loan, Bankrupt auto loan or other bad credit situation approved!

Here are some real life bad credit situations that many Canadians go through every day. Car Credit Hero can get any Bad Credit situation Auto Loan Approved!

Bankruptcy Auto Loans Approved

A bankruptcy or consumer proposal will not stop you from getting approved on an auto loan. If you’re in the middle of a bankruptcy and need an auto loan, then you might qualify for auto financing. That includes being in a consumer proposal. In some cases you can get approved on a car loan as soon as the day after you file bankruptcy! Car Credit Hero even works with banks that can approve individuals who have been bankrupt more than once!

If you’re making your regular trustee payments on time, have a job earning a minimum of $1800 gross per month and you need an auto loan – apply online now –you could be auto loan approved in minutes.

Student Loan Write Off Approved

If you’re struggling to maintain your student loan payments or you even defaulted and wrote off a student loan, you may still qualify for an auto loan. If you have bad student loan history but your regular credit is paid well, sometimes traditional banks will still finance your auto loan but if you’ve had poor credit history on your regular loans, then banks will probably decline your auto loan application. That’s an example of a likely student loan decline situation. Fortunately there are other ways to get financed on an auto loan, even when you’re struggling with your student loan payments.

Thankfully there are special finance companies in Ontario that will approve bad credit and poor credit auto loans, especially with bad student loan history. Car Credit Hero in Port Hope works very close with these special finance auto lenders and is dedicated to getting your new car loan or used car loan approved, even if you have a student loan write off. For a fast and easy car loan approval or more information about past due student loans and bad credit auto loans - apply now.

Collections & Judgements Approved

Do you have a 407 ETR collection on your credit bureau? What about a cell phone collection or cable collection? How about a gas company collection? Did you miss some payments while you were in school and the collection calls are still haunting you?

Many consumers in Ontario have unpaid collections on their credit bureau and don’t even know about it! Services such as wireless, cable and hydro are not secured loans or tangible products, so if you skip payments, the service provider can only cut off your service or post a collection on your credit bureau. It’s not always the case but sometimes a customer service issue, identity theft or even just an error by the service provider can cause a collection to be posted against your credit bureau.

If your auto loan was declined because of a collection you weren’t aware of, you would probably be pretty frustrated! Unfortunately that type of auto loan decline is common. Often inexperienced car dealerships and even finance companies turn away good people for that very reason and never properly explaining the problem to them! Car Credit Hero is experienced in all credit situations and is connected to all the right banks and finance companies, so you will never get bad information or an unfair decline on your auto loan. The credit experts at Car Credit Hero can also help you understand your unpaid collections, credit history and more importantly offer proper credit advice to get you back your feet!

No matter what type of collection you have, paid or unpaid collection, you can still qualify for an auto loan. Apply online now using our confidential, secure & fast credit application and you could be approved on your auto loan in minutes.

You’re Approved

If a car dealership or bank ever tries to say you’re not approved for an auto loan, just remember that Car Credit Hero located in Port Hope and servicing the Oshawa, Peterborough, Trenton, Cobourg and Belleville areas WILL get you auto loan approved no matter what your credit history or credit situation.

For a fast & secure auto loan approval, apply now or call 866-977-HERO (4376). If you’re living in the Oshawa, Peterborough, Trenton, Belleville, Port Hope or Cobourg region, then you’re only minutes away from Car Credit Hero and their huge new car and used vehicle inventory. If you’re living anywhere else in Ontario or need a ride, DON’T WORRY – Car Credit Hero offers FREE PICK UP OR DELIVERY, ANYWHERE IN ONTARIO!


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