Credit Card Write off or High Credit Card Balance
R9 and Slow Credit Auto Loans Approved

At first getting a credit card is easy, especially right after you turn 18 years old. Whether it was in your mail box, at a mall kiosk or in the halls of your college or university, there always seemed to be a credit card company willing to offer you your first credit card. Unfortunately, this generosity can end rather abruptly. For many first time credit card users, it’s easy to misunderstand how fast high interest rates can add up on your credit card bill and in some cases a first lesson in credit cards can result in maxed out credit limits and even past due payments. Suddenly getting a credit card, a personal loan and especially an auto loan is no longer easy.

Another credit card pit fall is the fact that some credit card companies raise credit card limits without notifying the borrower. This can quickly lead to huge credit card debt and sometimes it results in missed payments, a cancelled credit card and even a bad credit card write off. Its one thing to carelessly spend money you don’t have or refuse to make payments you can afford but when your debt load and credit limit is creeping up on you, it’s a whole other situation. This is a classic example of bad credit happening to good people and thankfully it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on other borrowing opportunities such as financing an auto loan.

These credit card practices are known by professional auto loan centers and special finance companies. Because these scenarios are so common in Ontario, Car Credit Hero and the special finance banks they work with have built a strong relationship together that focuses on bad credit card auto loans! These auto loan experts work with you to get you approved on the auto loan you want, even if you’re late on your credit card payments. With their help you can even get auto loan approved with a credit card R9 write off showing on your credit bureau. Apply online now to see if you qualify to be auto loan approved!

If you carry high credit card balances, you may be familiar with the total debt service decline that banks often issue when you’re applying for auto financing. Depending on your total debt and the credit card balances you carry, you may still qualify for an auto loan approval.  For more information or a fast and secure auto loan approval, even with maxed out credit cards, apply online now.

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