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Custom Payment Schedules help you Repair your Credit

For the credit challenged customer, buying a new or used car can be a big step. Not only are you making a big purchase but because of you credit history you’re also counting on your auto loan to build credit or repair bad credit history.

bviously making auto loan payments on time is important to fixing your credit history but finding a used car dealer in Ontario that will also consider your capacity to afford car payments is not so easy. 

Car Credit Hero a local auto finance center in Port Hope Ontario that specializes in bad credit is one such car dealer. Car Credit Hero pledges to put their poor credit customers into car payment they can afford. Unlike short sighted car dealers trying to make more money, Car Credit Hero considers the long term. Instead of pushing customers into expensive car loans with huge monthly payments, Car Credit Hero works with you to find a car payment that fits into your budget and matches your pay schedule. Car Credit Hero always sets out to find the smallest possible car payments for their customers, so they can focus on rebuilding their credit instead of struggle with payments.

By putting credit challenged customers into auto loans they can afford, Car Credit Hero’s hope is to see those customers return, but only after they’ve repaired their credit. Once these customers return, Car Credit Hero works with them again, only this time they focus on an auto loan with a much lower bank interest rate.

Smaller car payments are easier to make on time but an often over looked strategy for making auto loan payments on time is changing the payment frequency. For most customers struggling with their auto loans, their payment always seems to come at the wrong time of the month. Car Credit Hero can fix that by making sure your payments are due when you get paid. The auto loan experts at Car Credit Hero only deal with banks that offer flexible payment schedules. Not only will they work to get you the best interest rate and payment in the Peterborough, Oshawa and Belleville areas, they will also match your payment to your pay cheque. Flexible payment options available are:  

Car Credit Hero doesn’t want their customers to miss car payments or even feel like they’re paying too much for an auto loan. Car Credit Hero wants their customers to make all their payments on time at the time of their choosing! Apply now for FREE and your auto loan could be approved in minutes - No matter what your credit history is like. Even if you’re in a bankruptcy we can get you approved and driving the car you want with a monthly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or weekly payment you can afford!

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