Buying a Used Car in Ontario
Securing a Used Vehicle & Auto Loan the Safe Way

If you’re buying a new car you might find yourself going from one car lot to the next, comparing identical vehicles, always looking for the best price. This is often a simple and for the most part fun process. The used car experience is often not as simple and while the experience can also be fun it’s contains vast differences in both product and service.

The used car sales experience can lead you down many paths, especially if you intend on financing your used vehicle. Here are some things to consider when getting ready to buy or finance a used car in Ontario:


Whether you drive by a used car with a for sale sign in the window, visit a local used car dealer in Oshawa, Peterborough, Belleville etc. or even come across a used car in the pre-owned section of a franchise dealership, your search can sometimes reveal unsavory practices and even exposure to the unprofessional side of this industry. Poor services standards can be a problem in just about any industry but dishonest sales processes, undisclosed accident damage and worst of all complete disregard for used car buyers and their true needs is sometimes an unfortunate reality in the used car search. It’s not always easy spotting the “unprofessional” so paying attention to subtle details like the quality of their facility, the nature of their staff, the used car inventory they have and whether it looks maintained or not is important. On top of these surface details, it’s key that you do your homework. Our next consideration is your most important tool when researching a used car dealer.


Thankfully there are many governing bodies in Ontario that hold qualifyingcar dealerships to high standards that protect both the consumer and the used car they seek. These regulators protect the customer, the reputation of the  true professional used car dealer and also the auto lender financing the auto loan. The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) is the ultimate example of an automotive regulator in Ontario. OMVIC requires dealerships and their staff to be fully qualified and licensed before they can sell and finance new or used cars. Any dealership or car salesperson not registered with OMVIC cannot legally sell new cars, used vehicles, auto finance products or secure auto loans. You should never get into an auto loan, make a used car purchase or even consider a bad credit car loan from a dealership that isn’t registered with OMVIC. The auto finance center Car Credit Hero, located on hwy 401 between Oshawa and Belleville in Port Hope Ontario has service oriented staff that is fully certified, educated and registered with OMVIC.


If you have damaged credit, you’re in a bankruptcy or you’re just seeking to establish new credit, you may find yourself visiting many different used car lots offering to repair your credit or get you approved on a used car auto loan, no matter what your credit. While there are many great finance options for bad credit auto loans and bankruptcy car loans throughout Ontario, there are also many used car dealers not registered with OMVIC who may or may not practice unethical behavior. These used car dealers often target credit challenged customers with poor credit history hoping to take advantage of them. They do this by promising the world and even saying anything they think will get you to sign a bill of sale or auto loan contract. You should always start your search by confirming that the new or used vehicle dealership and auto finance center you’re visiting is not only registered with OMVIC but also clear of any OMVIC related complaints.


Even when used vehicles have similar features and odometer readings, it’s important to remember that no two used cars are the same. Each and every used vehicle you see is unique. Each used car or used truck has a history different than any other similar vehicle. The differences could be hidden damage, vehicle options or better treatment from the original owner, like regular maintenance and oil changes. The used car dealer you visit wants to make a sale as much as you want to make a purchase but that never gives them the right to withhold information or push you when you’re not ready – So always ask questions and demand facts about a used vehicle’s history.


Unlike new car prices, used vehicles don’t have set sale prices. Used vehicles, often brought in from customer trade in or bought at a used car auction are generally bought and sold based on market conditions. This combined with stark differences in vehicle quality are some of the reasons that purchasers are presented with such varying prices. Sometimes when caught up in the excitement of buying a used car its easy to jump at the best sales price offered but beware, a used vehicle sale price that seems too good to be true, just might be. So when you’re getting the deal of a lifetime, make sure you’ve gone ahead and talked about the vehicles history and its maintenance, because those things always have a direct impact on the sale price of any used vehicle.

If you keep these simple steps in mind when searching for a used car or a used vehicle auto loan in Ontario, you’re sure to feel good about your purchase and hopefully feel safe enough to enjoy yourself when making a used car purchase. Hopefully this article has shown you that finding a used car dealer offering professional and OMVIC certified bad credit auto loan experience with fair prices on quality used cars is important! The next step is actually finding that used car dealer.
For your next step you don’t need to look beyond the used car inventory at Car Credit Hero. This bad credit auto loan finance center located on hwy 401 in Port Hope and East of Oshawa is fully certified with OMVIC and has a large inventory of used cars. The expert auto loan staff at Car Credit Hero are not only professional but always friendly, respectful and understanding when it comes to your credit troubles. Their specialty is getting auto loans approved for consumers seeking to repair bad credit, going thru a bankruptcy or even first time car buyers trying to start up their credit career. Visit their free online credit application to apply now and you could be approved on a used car auto loan in minutes.

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